Club Constitution

The club constitution (collectively “Club Constitution”) states the rules and structures that govern the club and its members. It outlines the functions of the club and the procedures and obligations for membership, meetings and committees.

Zhitou Club (collectively “Club”, “we”) was established by SkyField Capital based in New York. Zhitou Club primarily serves individual and organizational investors internationally. We are a comprehensive club that features diverse, multi-directional, and multi-level investment opportunities. Our club founders are formed by financial, internet, real-estate, energy and art professionals. Zhitou Club will not only regularly host seminars to help our members on improving investment knowledge, but collect loads of first hand investment opportunities. Such opportunities include, but not limit to, real-estate development, financial investment, energy, new technologies and more. Zhitou Club allows our member (collectively “Members”, “you”) to exchange experiences and invest directly through the platform. Our motto is “discover the value, hold the value, improve the value, and achieve the value”.

Zhitou Club offers standard packages that including investment presentation, investment forecast, post-investment management and fixed-income investment. As well provides customer-made investments including life insurance, special training, study aboard, EB-5 investment, property, high-end business travel and more.

Our Purpose
Help our member to broaden investment knowledge; achieve stable and maximum return with lowest and controllable risk.

Our mission
People-oriented, creativities arousing, sharing and cooperation, win-win situation.

Our expectation
Help our member to grow and achieve wealthy freedom.

Our sense of value
Credit, Honest, Profession, High-efficiency, respect, enhance self-value.


  1. Zhitou Club (the “Club”) was established by Skyfield Capital based in New York.
  2. Membership could be individual member or organizational member.  The membership only belongs to you and is not transferable. You can join and quit the Club any time as your discretion.
  3. Members do not have the right to vote organize, operate or manage the Club, but reserve the right to make suggestion. Members agree that members do not have the ownership and recourse.
  4. You officially become a club member after we appraise and approve your application. To be qualified as a member, you will need to match the following requirement:
  1. Age of twenty-one (21) or above;
  2. Agree and obey this Club Constitution;
  3. Have strong financial foundation.
  4. Interest in investment area, have basic knowledge of investment and have ability to make an investment decision solely.
  5. Have enough risk tolerance.

Benefits of Members

  1. Member can join any club events (e.g. consulting seminar, expert speech, cocktail party, raffle draw and more) and activities for developing friendship, information exchange events, group purchase promotion and so.
  2. Member can receive updated policy, news, concept timely through our platform. We will do our best to provide our member professional counsel and other service.
  3. We coordinate the relationship between projects and capitals, investors and investees.
  4. Members can browse our website and invest directly on our platform.
  5. Members will receive our club news occasionally.
  6. We will help members to protect their relative benefits in invested projects.

Obligation of Members

  1. Members should voluntarily defend and hold the Club and its reputation harmless from and against any and all behaviors.
  2. Members should strictly obey the Club Constitution.
  3. Members must follow the Terms and Conditions appears on (collectively “Website”) when you decide to make an investment through our Website.
  4. Members can join our events as his/her discretion, but must obey the rules of events.
  5. Members or any one is prohibited from using or publishing any information of the Club in any manner that disparages or discredits the Club.

Personal Information

You may, at your option, elect to provide your personal information. You can review or modify your information by submitting your request to the Club.

Membership Termination

  1. You can quit your membership by inform the Club in writing.
  2. The Club reserve the right to terminate your membership if we determinate that you violate any provision of the Club Constitution. You will lose your benefit as a member once your membership is terminated.
  3. You will lose your membership automatically in the following situation:
  1. Inviolate in criminal activity;
  2. Announce bankruptcy.

Welcome to Join

There is no fee to join Zhitou Club currently. If you are interested in and have certain professional knowledge in investment field, as well have enough risk tolerance, you are a good fit of joining our Club.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Fill out the application on our Website.
  2. Member qualification approval from the Club.
  3. Pay membership annual fee bases on your member level ( current membership annual fee is $0)
  4. Receive confirmation from the Club and officially become a member of Zhitou Club.


Zhitou Club reserves the right of final explanation and making changes to this Club Constitution. You agree to be bound by subsequent revisions and agree to review the Club Constitution periodically for changes.